The Tapu Garden of Eden

A hugely popular New Zealand story for both adults and teens. Favourably compared to The Whalerider.


Also available internationally from Amazon and Kindle

‘It is truly wonderful in its structure of language and in the good messages it has written within the story. It is a brilliant story for boys (girls too) and has the Tangata Whenua strand which links us all to this beautiful country. ...(it) is full of beauty and goodness…’

Underneath The Arclight

A wonderful funny New Zealand novel with a cast of delightful characters.


Also available internationally from Amazon and Kindle

‘I loved this book! It’s a feel-good story with hilarious characters. A great read.’

The Boltons of The Little Boltons

Kiwi servants working in a posh London home. True, gentle and amusing.


Also available internationally from Amazon and Kindle

‘I absolutely loved this book. It is a lovely, enchanting story from a brilliant writer.’

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The Collected Short Stories

Contains the entire contents of the three short story collections (below) which are available separately.

$28.50 (Save $45.00)

‘In this collection Bolton clearly marks himself out as one of New Zealand's most readable short story writers.’

The Tapu Garden of Eden

Ideal for those who enjoy short stories about New Zealand 

To The White Gate

A gentle novel ideal for lovers of nature and the mysteries of life and the after-life. Three five-star reviews from Amazon readers.


Also available internationally from Amazon and Kindle

‘Beautifully written, emotionally evocative… lyrical and strong. Felt transported back to the time period; loved getting a taste of life back then, down under. Loved returning to the book every time I put it down; can't recommend it highly enough.’

Miniature stories. Each can be read in just two/three minutes.  



For Viktor. The story of Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.

Ideal for lovers of classical music. There’s nothing else like it in the world.

‘A short, well researched work, that will be enjoyed over and over along with Mussorgsky’s wonderful music.’


Nana’s Special Day and other stories


The Dolphin and other stories


My Marian Year

My best seller. A word picture of family life in New Zealand in 1954. Heartwarming and nostalgic. Popular with young and old readers.


Also available internationally from Amazon and Kindle

‘...every public library in New Zealand should have copies of My Marian Year. It is in my view a significant contribution to the history of New Zealand and Auckland and the nineteen- fifties in particular. Congratulations for an excellent book. You deserve the highest praise for its publication.’

The Boltons of The Little Boltons The Short Stories My Marian Year To The White Gate Underneath The Arclight For Viktor


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It’s always a good read with this popular independent New Zealand author

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