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A wonderful, funny new New Zealand novel with a cast of delightful Kiwi characters

‘With Underneath The Arclight Bolton confirms his reputation as a great New Zealand storyteller.’

Nothing much ever happens in Robinson Street, Blythewillow, and for Phyllis, Graham, Karen, Charlie Downs and Monkey Oldfield, and most of the other residents of the town, that's just the way they like it.

With The Arclight cinema, The Record Reign, Wake's butchers, the garden, and Monkey Oldfield's brand new chicken coop, the residents of Robinson Street have everything they need. So when Clint appears in the garden one night and tells Phyllis that it’s all about to change she doesn’t know what to think.

Within days there are changes at The Arclight, and Clint's isn't the only ghost making its presence felt. Long forgotten events from the past bring visitors from the outside world; from the city, Australia and from Los Angeles, with news, offers and veiled threats.

Are these the changes promised by Clint? And can the residents of Blythewillow save their town's bucolic charm?

Only time will tell as Karen and Graham and Jehoiada Hartsfield – the charming young city lawyer – peel back the layers of Blythewillow's forgotten history to discover Clint's secret treasure.

Underneath The Arclight


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Some reader reviews

New Zealand author Robert Philip Bolton has written a wonderful, funny little novel about Karen and her Dawson family and their circle of friends. He introduces us to a cast of delightful characters – Charlie Downs, Monkey Oldfield, Jehoiada Hartsfield and many others – that will delight readers who enjoy reading about the daily tribulations and triumphs of a suburban family whose lives are turned upside down by an unexpected  bequest.

Readers will come to know and enjoy some of Blythewillow’s more eccentric citizens, their passions and misunderstandings of all which engage and amuse. With Underneath The Arclight Bolton confirms his reputation as a great New Zealand storyteller.

Peter Gillmore, Brisbane

I loved this book! It’s a feel-good story with hilarious characters. A great read.

Lisa Thomas, Auckland