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The Fable of Flitcroft Point


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The Fable of Flitcroft Point  

A controversial novel that turns New Zealand history upside-down

Early in the twenty-first century a series of viruses killed eighty percent of the world’s population. Famine loomed.

In New Zealand there was plenty of food but too few people to process it. The surviving city folk therefore fled to the countryside where they provided labour to the remaining farmers in return for a share of the food they produced. As a result the country’s towns and cities were abandoned.

Into this vacuum, in 2076, came the mysterious Vandiers, so numerous and wealthy they dominated the small Kiwiland population whose traditions, culture, religion and language they despised.

The Fable of Flitcroft Point is set in a typical Kiwiland village where the Vandier government has taken village land for its own purposes. The Kiwilanders decide they want their land back. But can their feeble protest succeed against the overwhelming land-grabbing power of central government?  

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