A note from the author Six Murders? The Boltons of The Little Boltons The Fine Art of Kindness My Marian Year Jacko. One Bloke. One Year. The Boys and Men of Auckland's Mickey Rooney Gang The Tapu Garden of Eden Underneath the Arclight The Fable of Flitcroft Point The Collected Short Stories of Robert Philip Bolton For Viktor.

Great New Zealand stories

  from Robert Philip Bolton

  It’s always a good read with this
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To The White Gate It's What Eddie Did

The Collected Short Stories of Robert Philip Bolton


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‘...Bolton clearly marks himself out as one of New Zealand's most readable short story writers.’

This book combines the entire contents of the author’s three short story collections (previously published separately).

More than seventy New Zealand short stories in one convenient volume.

Typical reader reviews

[These] stories cut straight to the chase, and most had me hooked by the first sentence! And yet he still manages to develop each character and each tale so fully that I'm left wanting to know more, wanting to read more about these people and their situations. And I'm really enjoying the different writing styles Robert has employed in each of his stories. He's obviously comfortable using a range of narratives, and these help each story form its own unique identity. A great book for someone who doesn't have time to wade through a lengthy novel.

...these beautifully crafted stories have international appeal and resonance. The setting in Auckland though will interest anyone curious about life in this cosmopolitan city of the South Pacific. (The Silverbeet Patch is one of the funniest short stories I have ever read! I'm sure you will discover your own favourite!)

Bolton writes confidently, treating conversation and thought in a range of interesting ways that challenge the reader to move at times between the two. The work is well deserving of an audience.