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To The White Gate It's What Eddie Did

A few reviews:

This five-star review from an Amazon reader:  

A thoughtful tale, well told. You will be entertained and richer for the experience. Don't miss it!

A touching story of 2 older folks reunited after 70 odd years and their time together, until one passes. Robert has done an excellent job of introducing us to the characters and unraveling their secrets over 234 pages. Having met the author I was surprised at the depth of his perception of the character of the subjects. A little challenging at first but the story evolved quickly into a chance encounter which for Jack carried many past memories of kindness and comfort. For a little boy who had a rough upbringing. He briefly experienced a world more nurturing than his own and this had a profound influence on his life's path and the impact of the meeting in later life. The character Betty in contrast experienced huge wealth and poverty in her life, latterly influenced by a medical event early in her married life. This drove her to become what she became and do what she did. Without people like Betty in our world, we would all be that much poorer. Her contributions both financially and physically to children's hospitals and her community were astounding, when you consider the heights her life experienced. While this is a work of fiction one cannot help but wonder if there really was a Betty out there. Judging by the contributors to this narrative it seems our lives are blessed with people like Betty, large of heart and small of profile. Robert has done an excellent job of drawing the reader into a "slice of life" story and telling us who the characters were. He makes us all, perhaps, look at our lives in a different way. An entertaining read. I completed the whole story in one sitting. Fascinated with who these people were and what was coming next. I have no hesitation in recommending the book and its author to all thoughtful readers.

Another Amazon five-stars

Charming Novel

This is a charming and endearing novel that you will be delighted to read. Although set in a small town in New Zealand the themes in this story are universal. It touches on social issues in a thought provoking but tender manner. The relationship between the two elderly characters, as it develops is lovely.

Other reader reviews:

Thank you for your beautiful new book. I have just finished it and I simply loved it. … You write so beautifully and simply, it was a joy to read. I love the way the stories are about ordinary people leading ordinary lives. I have a friend from NZ  and I lent her 'To The White Gate' and she is anxious to read 'The Fine Art of Kindness'. I also must mention the cover, so beautiful and gentle, just like the book! Thank you so much for your fine act of kindness, best wishes.


I want to tell you that with Kindness you have written a truly adult and most enjoyable book.  OK, you got me crying at the end, and I don’t cry just for anyone!  No, it was the real thing.

Your characters are excellent, beautifully written and act the narrative assuredly and with true Kiwi panache.  Not just the main characters either.  I believed in ALL of the people in the novel, even the young student, Tim, introduced towards the end.  A meaningful addition, and excellently drawn.  I saw and believed the Hare Krishna gal and the slightly imperious nurse.  

The two main characters, Jack and Betty were so believable; totally.  And Jack’s family.  Wonderful.  Superb supporting cast.

Congratulations for a good read, and a good book, well written.  I hope it sells thousands, as it deserves to.

Albert, Whanganui

I also think this is your best book to date. A sensitive story about how individual acts - some of kindness and others regretful - can cause strong later reactions that last a lifetime. An intriguing and most enjoyable read!

Max Ross

The Fine Art of Kindness


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Sometimes even the smallest kindness is rewarded, somehow, even if it takes a lifetime.

When wealthy old Jack Landseer and the eccentric and even older Betty Krilich meet – apparently by accident – they begin an odd relationship which gradually evolves into one of mutual trust, affection and, yes, love.

Set in small-town provincial New Zealand, The Fine Art of Kindness is a gentle read about two old people who need to overcome their strange and secret past if they are to share their future.

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